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30th January 2018

5 reasons to choose Techni Systems VR70 Engine Mounted Compressed Air System


Over 25,000 tried and tested VMAC systems supported by the European market leader in under bonnet compressor mounting front end auxiliary drive systems


1. Save Money

Save up to 2% on fuel consumption for every 45kg(1) of extra weight.

Decrease fuel consumption with a lowest standby RPM at 1,000 compared with Competitor

Engine Mounted system at 1,400 and Competitor Split Shaft 1,605

According to leading performance statistics:

Save up to £54.63 / year and £273.15 over 5 years compared to Competitor Engine Mounted system

Save £363.86 / year and £1,819.30 over 5 years compared to Competitor Split Shaft Save up to £5,000 fine for overloading


2. Save Time

Faster Build up Time - Ready to use in 6.4 seconds compared to Competitor Engine Mounted system 20.75 seconds and Split Shaft 101.34 seconds. Equating to up to eight extra jobs per month.(2)

Up to 70 CFM(3)Air on demand – almost 50% more than any other system.


3. Save Yourself

With a lighter system avoid overloading, which causes less stability, steering difficulties and longer stopping distances, and avoid prosecution from the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Comply with HSE Regulations 1999 by removing the hazard of carrying extra flammable fuel.

Reduce roadside risk by minimising exposure time by up to 2½ hours per month, due to faster build up time.


4. Save Weight

Our Techni system weighs only 74kg(3) in comparison to an Average Skid mount at 190 kg. This saving of up to 116kg allows you on average to carry up to two extra truck tyres.


5. Save the Environment

Decreased noise pollution(4) and emissions

Our True Variable engine RPM controlled system, compared to competitor’s fixed and stepped, reduces noise levels, fuel consumption and wear.

Learn more about the Techni Systems air compressor range, including Engine Mounted, Hydraulic Driven, as well as Accessories.

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(1) Environmental Protection Agency Report 2015 (2) Based on five jobs per day (3) Vehicle dependent (4) According to leading performance statistics