Design & Engineering

Techni successfully take products through to manufacture using our comprehensive technical expertise.

By combining the skills of a strong creative design team with those of experienced engineering professionals, we are able to bring real value to product development.

At Techni we have a real passion for what we do and pride ourselves on our practical, innovative and diligent approach.

We combine design flair with engineering vigour to meet our customers’ requirements, by using the latest resources and technology.


FEAD design and manufactured compressor mounting systems.

points per second

Collected on Technis' fastest point scanning system on the market.

+/- 0.015
mm machining precision

using CNC multi-pallet and Vertical Milling Machines.

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Knowledge & Expertise


“While knowledge is described as information acquired through experience or education, expertise implies being a leader in a field through having a level of skill that goes beyond just knowing ...”

Most comprehensive product and vehicle knowledge base in the CMK market, work closely with vehicle manufacturers whilst understanding our customer’s needs. Techni engineers are highly trained, multi-skilled, and work closely as a team.

Consistent Methodology


Our design engineers across our global design offices are trained to use a consistent design methodology to ensure our strict design standards are maintained.

We use market leading tools and equipment to complete our designs and constantly review new technology to ensure we remain the market leader.

Establish a methodology that is simple enough for everyone to participate

Get everyone speaking the same language for a unified improvement culture.

Make improvement a part of everyone's daily work. Improve every task, every day.

Data Collection

Techni utilise tripod mounted Romer dual function portable measuring arms with fully-certified and integrated laser scanner and touch probe heads, designed for faster-than-ever 3D data capture across a wide range of surfaces and applications.

The system used by Techni is the fastest point collection system on the market and it can capture can capture upto 752,000 points per second.

The probed and point cloud data is combined within a Geomagic software suite and exported seamlessly into our Solidworks CAD package.

Computer Aided Design


Techni goes from concept to virtual prototype faster than you ever thought possible using powerful, easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and EPDM software package.

This package allows us to speed up product development, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality and reliability across a wide range of industries and applications.

Solidworks intuitive product development tools give us the capability to create, validate, communicate, and manage our product designs and rapidly bring the products to market within one software package.

Our products fit together correctly the first time every time.

Design Validation

With powerful design validation tools Techni subjects its designs to the same conditions that are experienced in the real world.

We undertake stress, strain, frequency and displacement analysis for our parts and assemblies, this design validation and optimization tool enables us to improve product quality by identifying areas prone to weakness and failure.

The design validation allows Techni to compare different designs simply and quickly to enable us to decide on the most favourable design for the final production.

3D Printing

In-house rapid prototyping facilities represent a major capital investment, which enable us to verity designs for form, fit and function prior to full-scale production.

Our 3d printer quickly produces precision and functional prototypes that enable real-world product development and testing to take place before costly investments are made in production tooling.

Advanced prototyping allows us to optimize our designs, streamline our workflows, prepare for manufacture and bring our innovative products to market faster.

Precision Engineering


Techni is now unique in the market.

Following substantial investment in new CNC machinery, Techni is able to offer an in-house wide range multi axis CNC machining services.

CNC - Machining

We have a highly skilled, flexible workforce that is able to operate to maximize the utilisation of resources. This leads to the highest quality precision components.

Milling - Continuing investment in the latest technology provides customers a CNC Horizontal multi-pallet and Vertical Milling capability with a single shift capacity of 30,000 castings.

■ Turning - Our CNC Turning Centres with driven tooling options provide Precision CNC Turning with a single shift capacity of 60,000 parts.


Tooling & Fixtures

Pattern Tooling
Using the latest milling technology we are able to support the pattern and tooling requirements of many advanced engineering sectors including aerospace and automotive.

Machine Fixtures
Our unique datum strategy ensures that the part is located and clamped in the optimum position to ensure the accuracy of the machining required. The fixtures are designed taking into account the machining process required, type of machine, position for machining access, and ability to load/unload.


CMM Inspection

Techni Engineering are passionate about producing quality products and our commitment to this is evident in the use of a Coordinate Measuring Machine to check parts being produced.

With first off checks, last off checks and regular in batch inspections by our QA Department you can be confident that all parts have passed inspection and will be ready to fit. We use the latest PCDMIS software and import first generation design data from Techni’s Design Department to construct CMM programs which will check every feature of a machined bracket to ensure its compliance to the design criteria.


Camworks programming 

Techni Engineering use CAMWorks, the latest in offline CADCAM programming software, to drastically reduce programming time by using automatic feature recognition in combination with knowledge base. By using the first generation data from the engineering department, CAMWorks can help us to shorten machining times with ultra-high-performance toolpaths and helps to safeguard against costly errors with its built in ‘crash detection’ features.

Offline programming also means we are able to maximize the shop floor production by avoiding machine down time during manual part programming. CAMWorks helps us to increase efficiency and capacity reducing overall lead times.