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21st May 2024

Partner Spotlight – Moduvan

We’re shining the spotlight on our Belgian partner, Moduvan.

Techni Systems and Moduvan have shared a great partnership now for over 6 years. Moduvan are experts in bespoke vehicle conversions installing racking, lighting, branded signage, tyre changers and much more. Moduvan specialise in many different aspects of vehicle conversion from utility and emergency vehicles to mobile tyre vehicles. With a state of the art showroom based in Kortemark, Moduvan are equipped to convert nearly any kind of vehicle into exactly what their customer requires. Below are a selection of their vehicle conversions.



Moduvan are a level 1 partner of ours which means they are one of our exclusive dealers. By being a Techni Systems partner, Moduvan have been through our week-long training course learning how to install our compressed air systems onto their customer’s vehicles. If Moduvan acquire a customer who wants a compressed air system installing to their vehicle, it will be our system that’s installed under the chassis of the vehicle. Our partners also receive constant technical support from our expert team here in the UK. We currently have 7 partners all over Europe including in France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic and Belgium of course.


Here are some of the latest vehicles converted by Moduvan which have our air compressor systems installed.



We have two systems, powered by two different air compressors, the VR40 and the VR70. Both systems allow for freed up space, weight reduction and an increase in payload. The VR70 is the most powerful engine mounted compressor available, delivering a constant 70CFM (vehicle dependent) and up to 175psi, providing a faster and more efficient workload.

The VR40 is ideal for industries that include commercial tyre fitting, utilities, forklift repair and on-site maintenance vehicles.



The VR70 is ideal for industries that include industrial tyre fitting, utilities, heavy equipment repair, sign installation, mobile mechanics, fibre blowing and cavity wall insulation.

Both systems have safety features that include compressor thermal protection circuits, 200psi pressure relief valves and requiring the handbrake to be engaged while the system is on. Both systems also come with a 1 year warranty on all components with extended warranty contracts available.




It was great to spend time with some of Moduvan’s team last week as they popped over to visit our headquarters in Shrewsbury, England. We last got together a year ago visiting them at their headquarters in Kortemark, Belgium.




If your business converts vehicles and you are wanting to add engine mounted compressed air to your offerings, get in touch today to enquire about our partner programmes. Give us a call on 01743 443176 or send us on email