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1st May 2024

Techni Systems and the Utilities Industry

We don’t just install our air compressor systems for mobile tyre fitting businesses only, we also install our VR70 system to vehicles that operate in the utility repair and maintenance industry.

Our VR70 system is the most powerful engine mounted belt driven air compressor available. As its name might suggest, it delivers a constant 70CFM (vehicle dependent) and up to 175PSI, meaning higher speed and more efficiency. Compared to other engine mounted systems, the VR70 has a much faster build up time with the system ready to use in 6.4 seconds. Included is a powerful VMAC rotary screw compressor which provides continuous high volume air to power a range of utility tools including road breakers, post pounders, water pumps and mole tools.

Cappagh Browne are one of our customers who specialise in repairing and maintaining wastewater networks. We’ve fitted our VR70 air compressor system to 27 of their fleet vehicles. As well as increasing the speed and efficiency of their workload, the VR70 system also means Cappagh Browne save on fuel consumption costs due to the reduction in weight compared to other air systems.

More info about the VR70 system:

  • Engine chassis mounted
  • 74.5kg system weight when wet
  • One year warranty (extension available)
  • 1000RPM when the engine is idle
  • Maximum of 2000RPM (vehicle dependent)
  • Variable throttle control (the engine revs will build up and down depending on the air used)


If your business also operates in maintaining and repairing utilities then please get in touch and we can provide you with more information. Email or call us 01743 443176 (Option 1).