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VR40 vs VR70

24th June 2022

VR40 VS VR70

VR40 VS VR70? What's the difference?

Techni systems mobile compressed air systems are the best choice for customers who need to save load space, reduce gross vehicle weight, increase payload and minimise maintenance requirements.

Here at Techni Systems we have two engine mounted systems, the VR40 and VR70, but what's the difference?

VR40VMAC VR40 Air Compressor

The VR40 is the lightest and most fuel efficient 40 CFM mobile air compressor available. It is the perfect choice for mobile tyre fitting and service / support vehicles. Its compact and powerful design is fully engineered to integrate into light commercial vehicles.

The VR40 saves on average 68.6% more fuel than competitor systems due to the systems ability to switch off when no air is being used and automatically restart once tools and air is required, lowering fuel consumption emissions and noise pollution.


Ideal for:

  • Commercial Tyre Fitting
  • Utilities
  • Forklift Repair
  • On-site Maintenance Vehicles


  • 1" Impact Gun
  • Tyre Inflation
  • Die Grinders
  • Light Chipping Hammers
  • Drills
  • Air Jack
  • Tyre Changer
  • Pneumatic Hand Tools


The VR70 is the most powerful, compact 70CFM mobile air compressor available on the market.

Delivering a constant 70CFM* and up to 175psi the VR70 is our fastest and most efficient compressor system. 

VMAC VR70 Engine Mounted Air compressor


The VR70 features a variable throttle control meaning that the engine speed is adjusted automatically when the system is switched on and when air is being used. No tanks are required with a VR70 system, the compressor provides continuous high volume air to run a wide range of pneumatic tools.

Ideal for:

  • Industrial Tyre Fitting
  • Utilities
  • Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Sign Installation
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Fibre Blowing
  • Cavity Wall Insulation


  • Impact Wrenches
  • Grinders
  • Road Breakers
  • Air Guns
  • Post Pounders
  • Mole
  • Spinners
  • Stihl Saw
  • Water Pumps
  • Tyre Changers

The VR40 VS VR70 in a snapshot:

Air Flow (CFM)40CFM70CFM*
Pressure output (max)165 psi175 psi
System Weight (dry)66.5 KG74.5 KG
Build up time (sec)25.56.4
Additional auxiliary tanks10/20L*NA

Throttle controlFixed ThrottleVariable throttle
Key Points

-Continuous flow of air.
-No waiting for the compressor to build up.
-VOBB available for off road vehicles.
-Compressor will automatically switch off when no air is being used and automatically switch on when air is required, saving fuel.
-Continuous flow of air.
-Variable throttle - Engine RPM rises automatically on demand. The engine revs will build up and down depending on the air used.
-Most powerful engine mounted air compressor available.
-No tanks required, just instant on demand air.

*vehicle dependent

For more information on the VR40 or VR70 check out our product brochures:


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