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6th October 2023


All of our engine mounted air compressor systems use VMAC rotary screw engine driven compressors, these compressors are held onto the vehicle engine using a cast mount bracket designed and engineered by Techni. Before our brackets reach us to be machined by our engineering department they start their life inside a foundry. The foundry turns molten metal into shiny painted black cast that we then put into our milling machines and turn into our finished compressor mount brackets used in our air compressor systems.


Take a look at the process below:


Once our design engineers have designed a new bracket the CAD is sent off to the foundry and a pattern tool is created. This is then used to create sand casts:



Once the sand casts are ready, molten metal around 1400°C is poured into them to create our brackets:


Once this process has happened the raw casts go through to be processed (fettled) where all the extra lumps and bumps are taken off the brackets:


What we are then left with is a shiny painted bracket ready for milling on our in-house milling machines and any other extra work needed to create the finished product.


For any more information on our air compressor systems or any of our conversion parts contact our sales team today or call us 01743 443176