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4th July 2024

Become an Installation Partner

As of this moment we’re right into the meat of Euro 2024, with the Quarter Final stage coming up this weekend. Many of our team have enjoyed tuning into the action so far and some of us are still left remaining in the Techni Systems sweepstake!

The Euros are always a great celebration of our continent’s nations and it got us thinking about the variety of installation partners we have located across Europe.

France – Guernet

Belgium – Moduvan

Germany – Thermo King Berlin

Italy – Officina Alberti

Sweden – Lastvagnservice

Denmark – Eisensøe

Poland – Komatsu

Poland – Volvo

If you’re not familiar with what being an installation partner means we’ll run it through with you.

When you become an installation partner with us, you have the opportunity to offer our engine mounted compressed air system to your customers. This opens up avenues to various industries such as tyre fitting, utilities, heavy equipment repair and more. Full installation of the system, troubleshooting and service training are all provided, as well as receiving direct support from our in-house product specialists.

If you’re interested in becoming an installation partner or if have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to answer any queries and have you on board!


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