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22nd July 2022

What is a VOBB?

With our VR40 Engine Mounted Compressed Air System we also offer the option of  VOBB. Our VOBB sits within the load area bringing most of the system components into the vehicle load area. 


Our VOBB houses our vertical WHASP (Waste Heat Air Separation Package) and only takes up 1.7 cubic feet within the load area. 

The VOBB is ideal for customers who might have concerns over off-road driving as most of the components of the system are housed within the VOBB. The VOBB also makes it easier to switch the system between vehicles when necessary and it keeps the system components well protected. 




The VOBB has no effect on the systems performance meaning users will receive a constant 40CFM and up to 175 psi. 


The VR40 system saves fuel by switching off when no air is being used and will switch back on and build up revs again when air is needed. Operators do not have to wait for tanks to build up with air, the VR40 provides instant on demand air. 


The VOBB can be mounted either vertically or horizontally near the bulk head. For more information on our VR40 system and how it works please CLICK HERE.


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