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What is an FRL

14th October 2022

What is an FRL?

An FRL is an assembly for pneumatic tools that is made up of a filter, pressure regulator and a lubricator. 

Air leaving a compressor contaminated with oil, dirt, water particles etc - which can damage and shorten the life of downstream equipment. So before compressed air exits the system it needs to be cleaned and lubricated. This is where an FRL comes in! 


An FRL is used to deliver clean air at a fixed pressure and also lubricated (if needed) to ensure proper pneumatic tool operation and increased operation lifetime. 


It is recommended to have an FRL if you:

  • Use pneumatic tools and equipment.
  • Require clean air.
  • Want to improve the service life, safety and reliability of your air system. 


Each section of the FRL does something different but the 3 components work together to do the following:



The filter removes water, dirt and other harmful debris from the air system.



Regulators adjust and control the air pressure of a system to ensure that down-line components do not exceed their maximum operating pressures.



The lubricator reduces the internal friction in tools or equipment by releasing a controlled mist of oil into the compressed air. The lubricant can also have antifreeze added to stop tools freezing in the winter. 


You can choose to have your FRL configured however you like. Whether that be a 100 series coupling before the FRL or having a 100 series and 60 series before the FRL, we will work with you to provide you with one that suits you and your business. 


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