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20th October 2022

Our VR40 compressed air system!

There are many components that make up the Techni Systems VR40 system, all of them are either underneath the vehicle or underneath the bonnet.


The graphic below shows all of the different components that make up our VR40 system and where they are mounted underneath the vehicle:


VR40 system

The main components in the VR40 system are:


VMAC VR40 Air Compressor - Up to 40CFM, 165 psi, 100% duty cycle, VMAC rotary screw compressor, belt driven.


Techni Ltd Mounting Bracket - Techni designed lightweight cast design, engineered on-site for each specific application.


WHASP Tank - Unique patented compact design. Vertical or Horizontal. Air / Oil Separator & built in air oil cooler.


Air Receiver Tank - Gives you constant air on demand.


Air Cooler - Cools air to filter out water.


Air Outlet - leading the FRL (check out our What is an FRL Blog Post HERE) mounted wherever you want within the load area.


For more information on our VR4o system check out our products page HERE.


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